Electronic enginerring

The reason I go electronic because I think electronic enginerring have a good prospect in the world of work.Because of modern times are now widely-tech electronic devices.Even when the vehicle engine is just so many have electronic technology, for example: vehicles powered by EFI ( ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION).So for me I needed the electro science let alone my background from high school automotive vocational.So that it could be my lunch one day to work on vehicles like the Honda factory in Japan.And I’m not the only reason that’s my excuse because I was obsessed once to make a robot because most electronic science used to create a robot.

In my opinion the English language is closely related at all with electro technology.Because the component name and the name of electro equipment to use English, for example: IC (INTEGRATED CIRCUIT) and HP (HAND PHONE) even if the goods are made in Japan still use English.Because English is the principal language INTERNATIONAL be in the English language is very useful in the technology and therefore we must master English well because English is very useful to the job prospects INTERNATIONAL


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hobby drag race
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