Tips For Learning English Faster

1. Use more of the English language in everyday life.
2. Record! Bring your notebook all the time to write new words, and then learn new words. Then have to repeat the new vocabulary many times before finally vocabulary closely in memory.
3. Find and use whatever opportunities there are to speak in English.
4. Use the Internet. Aim at the website, you can easily find a list of the various sources of on-line.
5. Make a mistake! Never be afraid to try to use the language you are learning. Of course you will make mistakes, but this is where you learn to become better.
6. Do not ever give up to try to fix your mistakes. If you’re a quitter, then you will be far behind. Learning the language is not easy. Many people who have something else to do besides learning English. You must understand this and be patient in your learning. But not much would you accomplish if you do not try. Although you have the best teachers in the world, your progress depends largely on your own.
7. Expand listen to songs with lyrics in English, and understand what is conveyed by translating the song. Music can be a fun way to learn English. Next time if you go to karaoke or singing in front of your TV, try to sing an English song. It’s a good way to train express themselves in English and to enhance the understanding people have of what you say to them in English.
8. Often – often watch English-language film. This is one of my favorite tip. Watching movies is the best way to learn the language of non-formal education and everyday practice listening. You do not have to understand every word in the film. The films with a brief dialogue, followed by a pause with no dialogue is the most ideal – because it gives time to absorb the language. Romantic movies and drama is a good choice.
9. Use spare time to read the english dictionary.
10. Taught himself at home. Having a teacher who will provide instruction and guidance to you is very important. However, it does not mean you can not learn on their own at home. Do not just spend your book when you are in the classroom


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