An unforgettable experience with my mother when I was sitting on the bench SMK Automotive. When I was school while working at a special workshop motorcycle drag. After several months of work all of a sudden I had the intention to make my beloved motorcycle to motorcycle drag.
month after month elapsed, and my bike was finally finished a motorcycle drag. Although not perfect, but I kept trying to get my bike perfect. Because my parents did not allow me to drag the bike like a hobby. Finally I find the funds by following the street racing without the knowledge of my parents.
At that time I often race in Yogyakarta By Pass road, until at last I get enough funds to complete my motorcycle. When my bike was perfect I was so very often a street racing, until finally I got an offer to follow the drag bike event which will be held in Yogyakarta.
New problems arise and once again the problem was about money again. Because the cost for registration is quite expensive until the end I intend to not follow the drag event.
Day after day has passed until there was already 3 days I will not be desperate to continue my dream to participate in the event drag bike. Suddenly my mother came from Jakarta and said “Do not stop in the middle of the road”. I even asked, ‘meaning my mother …?”. replied, “Mom already know all from your uncle.” (While giving cash register) .
Although the terms after the completion drag bike event I should stop my hobby, but I am quite happy that my mother had to support my hobby. From the condition that I realized and understood how my mother unfortunately. I know that my hobby is really risking lives. Therefore, my mother gave considerable weight requirement, because I know that my mother did not want to happen something that is not desirable to me.
Event drag bike has also been completed, although I did not get a champion, but I am very happy because I have memories that do not forgotten.


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hobby drag race
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